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  • Adam Naamani

    Adam is the founder of Resider Inc., coming from a background in residential real estate valuing multi-million dollar properties. He studied the Bachelor of Business in Real Estate at UBC.

  • Jason Naamani

    Jason handles the fun stuff at Resider, like legal and operational tasks, but could do it more efficiently than anyone else. He studied the Bachelor of Business in Real Estate at UBC.

  • Jordan Arseno

    Jordan handles all things technical at Resider. When he's not computing complex algorithms and optimizing his code, he can be found in his laboratory building spaceships. He holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Dalhousie University.

  • Brent Francis

    Brent Francis is the managing broker of 2% Westview Realty. He attended UBC where he received his commerce degree in urban land economics in 1976. His specialties are project marketing where he has sold over 5000 units in Canada, the US and Mexico. He also is broker owner of Centum Mortgage Advisors which provides mortgage assistance to clients and realtors.