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Top 10 Building Architecture in Vancouver

Top 10 Building Architecture Vancouver

Times, they are a changin’. Vancouver building permit values are at an all time high, and developers are introducing some of the most radical architecture this city has ever seen. As much as Vancouver is a well planned, clean city, it has a reputation for a relatively uninspiring skyline with all too common turquoise glass facades. A wave of new structures are pushing the boundaries, and altering Vancouver’s architectural identity. Resider takes a look at a few of the most eye-catching buildings in and around Vancouver.

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Architecture In Animated GIFs


Axel and Sylvain Stampa, two architects who graduated from the School of Architecture Paris-Belleville, have created a series of animated GIFs that offer a unique perception of some of the world’s most creative building architecture.

“When discussing the movement Architecture, naturally we talk 4th dimension in time. This movement of the body in space and the accumulation of views by traversing a building. With Animated Architecture, Axel Stampa offers here an inverse pattern. The building will offer different perceptions without mobility. It will thus facilitate and reveal an additional indicator.”

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