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CMHC Launches Housing Market Information Portal

CMHC Housing Data Portal

Canada’s national housing agency has launched a much more accessible, online housing market information portal where you can find up-to-date, high level national and provincial housing statistics through a map based interface. In perhaps a move to make mortgage data more open, this intuitive, user-friendly portal breaks away from traditional spreadsheet style data access, to much relief.

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CMHC to Make Mortgage Data More Open

CMHC Decision to Make Mortgage Data Open

In a previous post alluding to the lack of housing data in CanadaCIBC economist Benjamin Tal had expressed his disbelief at the present state of information asymmetry regarding the housing market in Canada. These concerns have apparently resonated with the country’s largest provider of mortgage insurance, as the organization is to release significantly more detailed loan information on its quarterly results.

“The supplement provides meaningful insight into CMHC’s mortgage insurance operations and will provide market participants with data that will allow them to better analyze our activities in the Canadian housing market,” CMHC said in a release on Friday.

Read the full story on the Financial Post.

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