Inside Look: Central by Onni at 1618 Quebec Street

Central by Onni 1618 Quebec

The Central building by Onni has perhaps the most visually striking foundational architecture in Vancouver, as its supportive concrete columns extend from the diagonally positioned upper Skybridge down to the common courtyard below. Set for completion later this year, Central stands 22 storeys high, with 304 units ranging in sizes from 515 sqft to 1,470 sqft and prices from $356,900 to $1,398,900.

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What Makes Stanley Park the Number One Park in the World

Stanley Park

Vancouver’s 400 hectare urban oasis was recently voted the number one park in the world according to Trip Advisor, a travel website that receives 50 million+ monthly unique visitors, and millions of user reviews; 6,300+ of which were positively attributed to Vancouver’s most revered natural habitat by visitors from around the world.

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Mere Postings: How the For Sale by Owner Alternative Works

Mere Postings Homes for Sale

Recently, we’ve had a number of buyers interested in purchasing properties for sale on the MLS® which are classified as “Mere Postings”. A Mere Posting is a property that is listed for sale through the MLS®, by a homeowner who is not in an agency relationship with a REALTOR®. Although the homeowner must list the property through a licensed REALTOR®, the cost to do so is significantly less, as the agent has a limited involvement for a relatively short and definable time frame. The homeowner is responsible for assuming complete control of the selling process, yet receives the benefit of having their property listed on the national MLS®, reaching a wider audience for a small flat fee.

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Ultra Modern Vanglo House on 135 East 17th Ave

Vanglo House Mount Pleasant

“Designed to strike a fine balance between simple elegance and engaging playfulness.” –  Oliver Lang

There are exciting development projects under construction in Vancouver, with radical architecture that deviates from traditional run-of-the-mill design, livening up the neighborhoods with their presence. The Vanglo House is the first RS zoned property we’ve seen in the Mount Pleasant area that possesses such unique and unconventional design, built with advanced green technology, and a reconfigurable floorplan for future occupants. Located just west of Main Street, this property is currently listed for $2,228,000, with 1,850 sqft. of gross living area.

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CMHC Launches Housing Market Information Portal

CMHC Housing Data Portal

Canada’s national housing agency has launched a much more accessible, online housing market information portal where you can find up-to-date, high level national and provincial housing statistics through a map based interface. In perhaps a move to make mortgage data more open, this intuitive, user-friendly portal breaks away from traditional spreadsheet style data access, to much relief.

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Regional Transportation Plan to Accommodate Growing Population

Regional Transportation Plan

As of today, the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation has released its $7.5 billion investment plan to support the additional 1 million new residents to Metro Vancouver over the next 30 years.

“Moving forward with this plan after years of input is great news for Vancouver and our whole region. It provides a clear road forward for urgently-needed new transit investment that will cut congestion, grow our economy, and expand transportation choices,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson.

In a city that is geographically constrained, there lies an inherent challenge to ease congestion in a way that is affordable and fair. A previous post describing the economic fundamentals of transit included potential additions to rapid transit lines around the Lower Mainland such as the long advocated for LRT for Surrey, and with the Regional Transportation Plan, major capital projects include the following:

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Time Machine: What Real Estate Websites Used To Look Like


We’ve come a long way since the advent of the internet, and while some websites prefer to retain their cryogenically frozen state, others have continued to refine their user interface, incorporating modern web standards for a better user experience. Real estate websites however, are in a category of their own.

As if irony were the raison d’être, property portals have had a notorious reputation for representing the largest asset class with the most unfitting appearance. Granted, prettiness doesn’t always correlate with increased conversion rates, but let’s travel back in time and allow the early iterations of popular real estate portals to speak for themselves.
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CMHC to Make Mortgage Data More Open

CMHC Decision to Make Mortgage Data Open

In a previous post alluding to the lack of housing data in CanadaCIBC economist Benjamin Tal had expressed his disbelief at the present state of information asymmetry regarding the housing market in Canada. These concerns have apparently resonated with the country’s largest provider of mortgage insurance, as the organization is to release significantly more detailed loan information on its quarterly results.

“The supplement provides meaningful insight into CMHC’s mortgage insurance operations and will provide market participants with data that will allow them to better analyze our activities in the Canadian housing market,” CMHC said in a release on Friday.

Read the full story on the Financial Post.

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Architecture In Animated GIFs


Axel and Sylvain Stampa, two architects who graduated from the School of Architecture Paris-Belleville, have created a series of animated GIFs that offer a unique perception of some of the world’s most creative building architecture.

“When discussing the movement Architecture, naturally we talk 4th dimension in time. This movement of the body in space and the accumulation of views by traversing a building. With Animated Architecture, Axel Stampa offers here an inverse pattern. The building will offer different perceptions without mobility. It will thus facilitate and reveal an additional indicator.”

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Hotel Vancouver And Royal York Up For Sale

Hotel Vancouver Up For Sale

Hotel Vancouver and Royal York, both managed by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, are up for sale by Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Québec’s pension plan which manages nearly $300 billion in total assets.

It’s a move in an attempt to reduce Caisse’s investment footprint in hospitality, considered to be the riskier real estate asset class due to its volatility. The hotels will continue to be run by Fairmont, as new ownership structure is sought out.

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