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The Different Types of Houses.

Houses offer the best living arrangements and flexibility for the homeowner. There are a variety of housing types to choose from, each offering customized living according to your needs. The only downsides are the increased cost of living because of the high level of maintenance and utilities required. For investment properties, houses are the preferred choice because of the value potential through rehabilitation and renovation. Below are the different types of housing and their common characteristics:

Single Family (Detached Home)

Single Family House - Resider

Typical dwelling which has no common walls with any other structure. These homes can range from any size and have varying numbers of storeys, bedrooms, and bathrooms. It rests on its own parcel of land with front, side, and rear yards. Multiple garages are often found with single family homes, either attached and accessed through the front, or detached and accessed through the rear yard.

Basement Entry (Vancouver Special)

Basement Entry House - Resider

Very simple boxed shaped houses particular to Vancouver that can have two to three+ storeys, and entry through ground level basement. This type of ‘Vancouver Special’ home is unique, as the living space can be divided and rented out to multiple tenants. There are usually separate entrances accessed through the rear of the house, that lead to enclosed suites with individual utilities.

Rancher (Detached Home)

Rancher House - Resider

One storey traditional home with a close-to-the-ground profile, no basement, a long rectangular, U or L shaped span, and usually an attached garage.

Bungalow (Detached Home)

Bungalow House - Resider

Low-rise, single or one and a half storey home with a basement. The half storey can be considered a livable attic as there are protrusions (gables) through the sloping roof. Access to the main floor can be through an entrance slightly above ground level or up a flight of stairs, as the basement may rest on or slightly below ground level.

Townhouse (Semi-detached)

Townhouse - Resider

Two or three storey home that has common walls on one or both sides. A townhouse has its own outside door, as well as front and rear yards or patios. Some townhouses have rooftop patios and basement access to underground parking.

Duplex (Semi-detached)

Duplex House - Resider

Side by side separate dwellings with a common wall. Each unit has its own entrance, yards, and may have individual utility services. It is important to note that this particular structure may be strata title property and subject to the Strata Property Act.

Mobile/Manufactured home

Mobile Home, Manufactured Home - Resider

Pre-fabricated homes that are built in a factory and transported to the site. Can be single wide or double wide. Normally placed on rented space in a manufactured home park.