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Collingwood is a large, culturally diverse and family-oriented neighbourhood in Vancouver, East of Victoria Drive, with a business community in several areas, as well as some of the fastest-growing residential sectors of Vancouver. It is the crossroads of Vancouver and Burnaby, with a shopping area that has served Collingwood’s needs for generations, reflecting a larger proportion of seniors compared to other Vancouver areas. Comprised of long-term family-owned businesses and shops such as bakeries, banking, professional and business services, health, beauty, hair care, clothing, deli, grocery and vegetable stores, most businesses in Collingwood are micro-sized – with less than 5 employees. Also higher than Vancouver averages are banks, motion pictures, holdings and other investments, as well as hotels and rooming houses.

Word on the street:

  • family-oriented
  • shopping
  • culturally-diverse
  • trendy
  • parks
Number of Crimes
  • No Data
  • Crime Free
  • 1-4
  • 5-9
  • 10-19
  • 20-49
  • 50+
Source: VPD

Collingwood Park

Collingwood residents enjoy Collingwood Park, a well-loved community park that is often filled with activity. The park offers green fields that are perfect for relaxing or playing at any time of the year, and pathways that are pleasant for an evening stroll. It has a playground, basketball court, soccer field, swimming pool, a baseball diamond and lots of running space. Originally this park came under the municipality of South Vancouver before the 1929 amalgamation of the City of Vancouver. It was most likely named after Admiral Collingwood, a well-known British naval figure of the 19th century.

Join in Collingwood Days

Collingwood residents enjoy a multi-cultural variety of delicious food at Collingwood Days! From delicious food, to interactive activities, to fantastic performances, it's a fun-filled day in the heart of Collingwood at Carleton Elementary. There is also an international marketplace and community corner for interesting information, unique and beautiful gifts and accessories, reflecting the diversity of the Collingwood Days' participants.

Highrises and Detached Homes

Collingwood has significantly more single-detached residences than average for Vancouver, although apartment dwellings still dominate. Most Collingwood households own their home and there are large amounts of development in the past two decades, due to the construction of the SkyTrain and its related stations. The Joyce-Collingwood Station area is booming with condominium high-rise developments. Reflecting average incomes for Vancouver, the neighbourhood is also home to the Wall Centre Central Park surrounding Boundary, Vanness and Kingsway streets, with affordable and new high-rise condo developments for the City.

Collingwood Asian Families

Half of the Collingwood population claim Chinese as their mother tongue, followed by Hindi and Punjabi. Household sizes in the area are larger than Vancouver average, with more married couples and more children per household, making it a family-oriented area to establish roots with home ownerships. The dominant lifestyle group of the area is successful middle-aged Asian families, with average incomes although an upwardly mobile lifestyle. Reflecting the higher percentage of seniors than average, a lower percentage of the Collingwood population is in the labour force, making the area ideal for multi-generational and family-oriented residents.