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Killarney consists of Champlain Heights and Fraserlands, in the furthest southeast corner of the city. The area contains single-family residences, with a few multi-family homes as well as townhomes and high-rises. The area was largely rural until the 1950s and abundant green spaces are still visible between Killarney’s houses. Killarney residents shop at Champlain Square mall, which includes a large grocery store, fresh produce market, financial institutions and a library, as well as a variety of shops along Kingsway. Most businesses are micro-sized – with less than five employees. Everett Crowley Park, with 40 hectares bordering Burnaby to the east and the Fraser River to the south, offers walking trails and an off-leash area for dogs.

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Source: VPD

Multiple Parks and Green Spaces

Killarney is abundant with parks and green spaces, reflecting its forest history. The largest park is Everett Crowley Park, along Kerr Street and Marine Drive. Originally a forested area with a ravine and waterfall, Everett Crowley Park was a landfill for many years before being reclaimed to a park. Nearby at Kerr is the Fraserview Golf Course, which also includes a number of trails.

Killarney Park, built as a reclaimed bog at Killarney Secondary School, is home to a community centre, which includes a swimming pool. A community centre can also be found in Champlain Heights, at East 54th and Kerr.

A Mixture of Residential Properties

Killarney consists of single-family homes and townhouses, as well as the glittering high-rise apartment buildings constantly being developed along the Fraser River. Champlain Heights is part of Killarney and was one of the last areas of Vancouver to be urbanized. Located in the extreme south-eastern corner of Vancouver, Champlain Heights is often closely associated to the neighbourhood of Killarney and consists mainly of various townhouse complexes and co-op housing units. Most of Champlain Heights area is leasehold property, with a 99-year lease with Vancouver. The many co-ops make the area’s real estate some of the most affordable in Vancouver.

A Recreational Neighbourhood with Green Spaces

Casual, fast food and family-style restaurants abound in Killarney, along with sports and recreational offerings at the Killarney Community Centre, which includes a fitness centre, leisure pool and ice-skating rink. The area also boasts one of Vancouver’s largest public parks; Everett Crowley Park at 40-hectares (100 acres), built on a former landfill. Located at Kerr and Marine Way in South-East Vancouver, Everett Crowley Park is a unique place for recreation, nature appreciation, and wildlife habitat. The park rests on an escarpment and looks out over the North arm of the Fraser River. Nature trails and walking paths offer magnificent views for Killarney residents.

Asian Immigrants of Killarney

The dominant lifestyle group in Killarney is new immigrants from China and, to a lesser degree, the Philippines, Vietnam and South Asia. These middle-aged families typically are well-educated and ethnically diverse. More than a third speak Chinese and nearly two-thirds speak a language other than English. While their incomes are average, this group is upwardly mobile with above-average savings levels, lofty home values and upscale spending patterns.