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One of the most densely populated neighborhoods in Canada caters to foodies and those with an active lifestyle. The West End preserves much of its natural surroundings with lakes, trees, and the most popular beaches around the peninsula. It's adjacent to the downtown core, accessible by traffic calmed streets and back alleys. There is a retro style theme amongst the buildings in the area, as evident by the pastel colors, building name typography, and unique architecture.

Word on the street:

  • beaches
  • parks
  • commercial-strip
  • restaurants
  • shops
  • seawall
Number of Crimes
  • No Data
  • Crime Free
  • 1-4
  • 5-9
  • 10-19
  • 20-49
  • 50+
Source: VPD

A selection for the most fastidious tastes.

The West End is one of the more popular spots for restaurants and bars. There is a mix of street style food like donair and pizza shops, a number of coffee shops from big chains like Starbucks and Tim Horton's to the local Delany's, and landmark restaurants like Cactus Club, Milestone's, and Boathouse. There has been a turnover of mom and pop shops in recent years, now being replaced by mainstream commercial establishments and strip malls.

Buildings with Character and a Retro Style.

Everything from the building name typography to the pastel colors and overgrown vines highlight the personality of the West End. Heritage homes still remain, but some are being replaced by high-rises to maximize the value of the land and support a growing population.

Rooftop patios are a popular feature with these low density complexes.

Families, Foodies, Runners, and Seniors.

There is a very laid-back vibe with West End dwellers, and with the number of facilities and amenities like the community pool, parks, and trails, the neighborhood is a perfect gathering place for friends and families.

Nature Resides Amidst a Concrete Jungle.

Located next to Stanley Park, the West End is one of the most livable and walkable neighborhoods. Deciduous tree canopies line the streets, giving green and leafy character to the environment. Lost Lagoon is a perfect place to escape city life and be surrounded by nature, and access to the popular Seawall is only a few steps away.