Homes for Sale Near Ottawa, ON

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3 bed • 2 bath • -- • 1970

110 Rutherford Court

Beaverbrook, Ottawa, Ontario

Listed 10 days


2 bed • 2 bath • -- • 2000

22 Kettleby Street

Beaverbrook, Ottawa, Ontario

Listed 11 days


5 bed • 3 bath • -- • 1970

14 Selwyn Crescent

Beaverbrook, Ottawa, Ontario

Listed 11 days


4 bed • 3 bath • -- • 1970

15 Rutherford Crescent

Beaverbrook, Ottawa, Ontario

Listed 25 days


4 bed • 4 bath • -- • 2001

97 Bishops Mills Way

Beaverbrook, Ottawa, Ontario

Listed 29 days


4 bed • 2 bath • -- • 1975

57 Reaney Court

Beaverbrook, Ottawa, Ontario

Listed about 1 month


3 bed • 3 bath • -- • 1970

73 Penfield Drive

Beaverbrook, Ottawa, Ontario

Listed about 1 month


4 bed • 4 bath • -- • 1970

19 Rutherford Crescent

Beaverbrook, Ottawa, Ontario

Listed 3 months

Living in Ottawa

            Ottawa, Canada's capital city, is a vibrant, bilingual community that combines the warmth of small-town living with the amenities of a large metropolitan area, making it an ideal destination for families, young professionals, and retirees alike. Nestled on the banks of the majestic Ottawa River, the city is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, including the famous Rideau Canal - a UNESCO World Heritage site. This waterway turns into the world's longest skating rink in the winter, offering residents a unique recreational activity right at their doorstep. Moreover, Ottawa’s commitment to green living is evident in its numerous parks and bike trails, such as those in Gatineau Park, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities year-round. The city's focus on sustainability and the environment enhances its appeal as a liveable and forward-thinking community.

Delving into Ottawa’s diverse neighborhoods reveals a mosaic of cultures and lifestyles, accommodating every preference. For instance, The Glebe, with its trendy boutiques and coffee shops, is a favorite among young professionals seeking a lively urban atmosphere. Meanwhile, Kanata is acclaimed for its tech hub and family-friendly environment, boasting excellent schools and spacious parks. Orleans, another gem, is known for its tight-knit community and French-speaking population, reflecting the city's bilingual charm. These areas underscore Ottawa's ability to offer a balanced lifestyle, merging modern conveniences with a sense of community and natural beauty. Living in Ottawa means having access to stellar healthcare, top-notch education, including prestigious institutions like the University of Ottawa, and a thriving arts and culture scene epitomized by landmarks such as the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian Museum of History.

What sets Ottawa apart as a desirable place to live is its dynamic economy. With one of the highest concentrations of tech jobs in North America and being the heart of Canada's federal government employment, Ottawa boasts a stable job market that is enticing for both fresh graduates and seasoned professionals. The city's economic diversity is complemented by a rich tapestry of cultural festivals, including the celebrated Canadian Tulip Festival and Winterlude, fostering a strong sense of community and belonging. Accessibility is another key feature, with efficient public transport options and proximity to Montreal, Toronto, and the U.S. border, making Ottawa not just a place to live, but a strategic gateway to explore and engage with the broader North American landscape. In summary, for those seeking a balance of career opportunities, cultural richness, and a healthy environment, Ottawa presents an irresistible proposition as a city that truly has it all.